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4seasons nails
1103 filbert St PHILADELPHIA, PA 19107
Cần thợ gấp-Need nail technicians as possible

Cần thợ biết làm bột.Có bằng PA càng tốt.Tiệm đông khách quanh năm,bao lương cao trên ăn chia.Cách south philly 5 phút.Tiệm nằm ngay center city cạnh Reading terminal market nhiều khách văn phòng,du lịCh và y tá.Good Tips.Nếu cần việc và biết thêm chi tiết xin gọi hoẶc để lại message cho Phương 6093212458 or Michael 6094334033

Looking for nail technicians. The shop is very busy with clients. We are located in the heart of center city by the reading terminal on 1103 filbert street very close to Chinatown by right next to Jefferson station. Weekly pay is good and if you do well there is - 6/4 cut tips are also well. Please for more info contact Jenny 6093212458 or Michael 6094334033

Additional Info
Average Salary ($/Week): $900 - $1,200
Experience Required (Year): 1 - 2
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4seasons nails4seasons nails
4seasons nails4seasons nails
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