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toi spa
4900 S University Drive FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33328
CẦN THỢ NAIL and Receptionist/ nail techs needed /call or text Mindy 954-224-7096

Cần thợ nails. Cho làm vui vẻ, khách sang, tip cao, gia cao. Được về sớm 6:30-7pm nếu hết khách. Income trung bình $900-1500 tuy theo khả năng . Tip $300-400/tuan. Receptionists $12-20/hour.

Có 8 locations để chon. Toi Spa is hiring at all locations. Call or walk in for more information.

Davie 4900 S University Drive 33328. 954-224-7096 (Mindy)

West Davie 351 SW 136th Ave 33325. 954-866-8647 (Cindy/Mang)

Plantation 9739 W Broward Blvd 33324. 754-210-8647 (Anthony)

Wellington 380 S State Road 7 33414. 561-220-8647 (Linh)

Fort Lauderdale 1489 SE 17th Street 33317. 954-945-8647 (Vu/My)

Coral Springs 1750 N University Drive 33071. 954-866-8889 (Joe/Ann)

Coconut Creek 6540 N state road 7. 754-219-8647 (Steven/Anthony)

(New Location!) Hollywood 1761 N Young Circle 33020. 954-842-8266 (Liz)

Toi spa is a relaxing, family-oriented workplace with high-end clients. High prices and tips. Average income for 6 days: $1000-$1500. Average tip for 6 days: $300-400. We close at 7pm on the weekdays...but if there are no clients at 6:30pm you may leave. We value time with family.
Additional Info
Average Salary ($/Week): $1,200 - $1,500
Experience Required (Year): 1 - 2
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toi spatoi spa
toi spatoi spa
toi spatoi spa
toi spatoi spa
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