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Nails rock
5913 Lyons rd POMPANO BEACH, FL 33073
Nail technician needed/ bao lương trên ăn chia
Nail technician needed, salary or commissions. Clients and workers are nice and friendly. 90% dip 
Cần thợ gấp. Tiệm vùng Coconut creek , khu my trang, , chổ làm vui vẻ , khách cũng như thợ rất friendly. Tiệm làm bột nhúng nhiều. Ai thật lòng xin gọi  work  954 3606888 hoặc cell 5625680206
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Average Salary ($/Week): Unknown
Experience Required (Year): None
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Nails rockNails rock
Nails rockNails rock
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