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Lush Lacquer Nail Bar
2668 Dekalb pike NORRISTOWN, PA 19401
Nail technician wanted/Can tho nail gap

Can Tho Nail. Cach Northeast Phila, cho Hong Kong 30-35 phut.

Tiem nail vung East norriton Pa, Can tho biet lam acrylic,dip powder, uv gel, manicure and pedicure. Co Pa Bang. Full time or part time.
Good Pay. 

We are seeking experience and licensed nail tech full time or part time. Mani and pedicure 
Help needed too. High salary  Great pay and a good working environment. We are located in East Norrtion pa 

Can tho Nail. Boa luong 

Please call Sam if interested. 
Additional Info
Average Salary ($/Week): $700 - $1,000
Experience Required (Year): 1 - 2
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Lush Lacquer Nail BarLush Lacquer Nail Bar
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Technician avg Range($)/week
$900 - $1,200
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