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PureLuxe Nails Spa
1107 South Walter Reed Drive ARLINGTON, VA 22204
Cần Gấp Thợ Naill!!!
Tiệm cần gấp thợ nail muốn build khách biết làm đủ thứ hoặc tay chân nước. Khách lịch sự, tip good. Nếu chưa có kinh nghiệm sẽ được hướng dẫn thêm. Chỗ làm việc hoà đồng vui vẻ.
Neu can, se duoc bao luong tuy theo kha nang. 

We are looking for Energetic, Clean, and Organized Nail technicians who are interested in building clientele in a nails and day spa located in Arlington, Va.

*Eligible to work in the US.
*Basic knowledge of hand and foot massage techniques and a neat application of polish. 
*Possess cleanliness skills and keep clean working stations at all times.
*Experience is preferred but we will train the right candidates.

We are looking forward to having you join our family!
(703) 395-1589 
Additional Info
Average Salary ($/Week): Unknown
Experience Required (Year): 1 - 2
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PureLuxe Nails SpaPureLuxe Nails Spa
PureLuxe Nails SpaPureLuxe Nails Spa
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