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Berkley Nail Lounge
Cần thợ nail gấp/ nail techinicians needed

Berkley Nail lounge is looking for part time and full time experienced nail technicians to provide service at Clarksboro NJ 08020. 20 mins away from Philadelphia and Pennsauken, Exit 18 on 295 S. Great pay, good tip, friendly environment.

Cần thợ bột tiệm khu mỹ trắng sạch sẽ, không mùi. Tiệm rất đông khách, giá Cao tip cao. Giá chân basic 30 trở lên, gel manicure 30, dip powder 40 and up. Tiệm cách 20 phút từ Philadelphia và Pennsauken , NJ, tiệm cách exit 18 đường 295 South 1 phút. Tiệm vui vẻ, chia turn công bằng, tip cao.
Please call Sally at 856-426-9096.
Additional Info
Average Salary ($/Week): $900 - $1,200
Experience Required (Year): 1 - 2
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Berkley Nail LoungeBerkley Nail Lounge
Berkley Nail LoungeBerkley Nail Lounge
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