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Barecoat Nail Bar
3133 S Mill Ave TEMPE, AZ 85282
5/11/2020 Cần Thợ / Hiring Nail Artist

BareCoat Nail Bar in Tempe is hiring motivated Nail Artist tojoin our fun and creative team. Good working environment. We open at 10. Please call for more detail.

Xin L/L Nancy 602-628-1314

BareCoat Nail Bar in Tempe cần gấp thợ biết làm SNS, Gel, TCN, wax, và bột, biết design design is a plus here. Bao lương tuỳ theo khả năng. Tiệm Em mở cửa 10 giờ.

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Average Salary ($/Week): Unknown
Experience Required (Year): None
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Barecoat Nail BarBarecoat Nail Bar
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