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Great Falls Nails & Spa
Cần Thợ Nail Gấp !!! $1000
Tiệm nail day Spa vùng Great Fall ,Va .Cách Eden 20".Reston ,Herdon ,sterling 10".
Tiệm vùng Mĩ trắng, tip cao,giá cao, tiệm rất đông khách .Tiệm yên tĩnh, không giành giựt .
Cần gấp thợ Nail biết làm đủ thứ ,ngồi lâu dài, part time ,full time , biết massage ,eyes lash ,facial càng tốt .Tiệm đông khách bột nhúng SNS.
Bao lương mùa đông và màu hè . Bao lương tùy khả năng.
Tiệm mở cửa 9am-7pm. Thứ bảy 9am-6pm. Chủ Nhật 11am-5pm.
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Cell :703-439-0575 (Cindy)/ Work:703-759-7808. 

Nails and Spa Salon in Great Falls
20 minutes away from Eden 
10 minutes away from Reston, Herdon and Sterling
The salon is located at Caucasian area which have high tip and always crowded. 
People work at the salon are quite nice and fair.
In need of nail technicians who could do everything and want to have a stable job.
Staffs can work full time or part time.
Prefer the technicians who can do massage, eyelashes extension and facial.
Payment is salary during winter and summer.
We looking for receptionist who could work full or part time.
The salon open from 9am to 7pm for weekday, from 9am to 6pm on Saturday and from 11am to 5pm on Sunday
Please contact: Cell :703-439-0575 (Cindy)/ Work:703-759-7808

Additional Info
Average Salary ($/Week): Unknown
Experience Required (Year): None
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Great Falls Nails & SpaGreat Falls Nails & Spa
Great Falls Nails & SpaGreat Falls Nails & Spa
Great Falls Nails & SpaGreat Falls Nails & Spa
Great Falls Nails & SpaGreat Falls Nails & Spa
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