Drips Nail Bar
7480 W Bell Rd GLENDALE, AZ 85308
CẦN THỢ NAIL - Gan Arrowhead Mall
New Owner! Tiem Sang Moi! Full-time hay Part-time
• Tip cao, tiệm sẽ bao supplies cho thợ
Tiệm mở của 6 ngày và đóng của Sunday.
• Bao lương $900-$1,300
Xin liên lạc với mình nhé!
• Đông-2288061885 Business- 6237739586
We are actively looking for workers!
Come join our team today.
• Full or Part Time
• High tips
• Supplies covered

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• Owner-2288061885
Additional Info
Average Salary ($/Week): Unknown
Experience Required (Year): None
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Drips Nail BarDrips Nail Bar
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