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IPM Pedi & Nails
3050 Union Lake Rd Ste 9B Commerce Township, MI COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, MI 48382

Cần bán gấp tiệm Nail vùng Commerce Township, MI vì KHÔNG NGƯỜI TRÔNG COI TIỆM

Tiệm có 7 bàn 7 ghế

Rộng 1,200 square feet

Tiệm trong big Plaza khu Mỹ trắng đông dân

Gía bán $40K.

Quý anh chị quan tâm xin gọi chị Bình: 248-707-0172 (cell) or 248-779-7640 (business)

Thank you!

Additional Info
Sale Price($): 40,000
Annual Revenue($): N/A
Square Footage(ft2): 1,200
Rent/Month($): N/A
Current Number Of Staff: N/A
Stay To Train New Owner: Yes
Owner Financing: Yes
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IPM Pedi & NailsIPM Pedi & Nails
IPM Pedi & NailsIPM Pedi & Nails
IPM Pedi & NailsIPM Pedi & Nails
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